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Honey Beef Jerky Strips

Honey Beef Jerky Strips


Need a sweet snack? Look no further than the Stittsworth Honey Beef Strips! Made with our fresh beef strips and hints of honey, this snack is sure to sweeten your day!

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Stittsworth’s Dried Beef Strips are fresh jerky! In fact, it’s so fresh we can’t even call it “jerky”, we have to call it Beef Strips! We felt keeping the freshness was more important than a name designation. Fresh, tender, and soft Beef Strips are way better than dried-out pieces of traditional jerky. Plus, our Dried Beef Strips can’t sit out on the shelf for years, so you know you are always getting a fresh product! Unlike our competitors, there are no artificial smoke flavors, fillers, or preservatives creating a truly superior product that you are bound to appreciate!

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