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Prime Rib Beef Strips (Fresh Jerky)

Prime Rib Beef Jerky Strips

Honey Beef Strips (Fresh Jerky)

Honey Beef Jerky Strips

Colorado Beef Strips | Stittsworth Meats (Fresh Jerky)

Colorado Beef Jerky Strips

Garlic & Pepper Beef Strips (Fresh Jerky)

Garlic & Pepper Beef Jerky Strips


Beef Strips

Who doesn't enjoy a great Beef Stick! At Stitsworth Meats we offer 3 customer-friendly flavors. All of our Beef Sticks are made fresh. We use 100% beef for our Beef Sticks, no organ meat or fillers are used in our products. We also use All Natural Sheep Casings that give an old fashioned meat market look and taste. We believe in a quality first approach. All of our Beef Sticks are smoked with real wood smoke, for a fantastic smoked flavor.


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