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Holiday Order Form

Holiday Order Form

Turkey $4.99

We get fresh turkeys only, and you can get them smoked or just fresh. These are not commodity birds that you find in the supermarket.
In Store ordering only

Stittsworth Homemade Smoked Ham $4.99

This is for our homemade Hardwood Smoked Stittsworth Hams! Not one of the pressed, Processed hams!
In person only

Prime Rib $11.99lb ( That's $6 off per pound !!)

Christmas Prime Pre-Order Special .Must be ordered on here for the special. "Sale price for Roast only!" We will turn off this option when all the prime ribs are sold out
How many Roast would you like?
Prime Ribs usually feed 1# per person raw weight. So figure 1lb(number of people) + 1lb for your total weight of what to order.


in Store only
If you have any special instruction please type them here.