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Commercial & Wholesale

Stittsworth Meats & Stittsworth Smokehouse
7972 Farley Dr NE, Turtle River, MN 56601

Why You Need Our Product

Our high quality meat stands apart from our competition. Taste the difference.

At Stittsworth Meats, we ensure that we provide the highest quality meat possible. This includes the meat we use for our fresh and smokehouse products. Our company supports Midwest farms and the economy. Stittsworth Meats offers a variety of high quality meats and smokehouse items, with a commitment to old-fashioned quality and taste.

We ONLY use the top 5% grade quality meat. We are also proud to support farmers and the community by using meat sourced within the Midwest region. Our meat sourcing method allows Midwest farms to thrive and keep the meat we consume as close to home as possible.

We Offer a Great Variety

We offer everything from case ready meat to a variety of smoked specialty meats.

We distribute our smokehouse and meat-case ready items throughout the Midwest. Our Stittsworth Smokehouse facility can produce large quantities of quality meat products.

  • Beef Sticks
  • Brats
  • Old Fashioned Wieners
  • Beef Strips (Fresh Jerky)
  • Summer Sausage
  • Hamburger Patties
  • Fresh Lean Ground Beef
  • Fresh Meat: Steaks, Roasts, and Pork

Stittsworth Smokehouse


Beef Strips

4 Flavors | 4oz Bags

Stittsworth’s Dried Beef Strips are actually Fresh Jerky! This product is so amazing because of the fresh quality. Tender and soft beef jerky is way better than a dried out piece of traditional jerky. Plus, our Dried Beef Strips can’t sit out on the shelf for a year! You know you are getting a fresh product, always. In fact it’s so fresh we can’t even call it “jerky”, we have to call it Beef Strips! We felt keeping the freshness was more important than a name designation.


Sausage & Wieners

11 Flavors | 14oz-32oz Packs

We use a blend of 100% beef and pork for all of our Sausage! Our Sausage and Old fashioned Wieners stand apart because we only use natural casings. This produces that great “snap” when you bite into them! For smoking we use real oak, hickory and cherry to develop a fantastic smoke flavor. No artificial smoke flavors are added, unlike other competitors. We create a truly superior product that your customers will appreciate.


Beef Sticks

6 Flavors | 4oz or 16oz Bags

Who doesn’t enjoy a great Beef Stick! We offer 4 customer friendly flavors, plus 2 types of Beef Sticks with Cheese Curds. All of our Beef Sticks are made fresh. We use 100% beef for our Beef Sticks. We believe in a quality first approach, so no organ meat or fillers are used in Stittsworth Beef Sticks. We also use All Natural Sheep Casings that give an old fashioned meat market look and taste. All Beef Sticks are smoked with real wood smoke.


Charcuterie Sausage

3 Flavors | 4oz Packs

Stittsworth Charcuterie Sausage is superior to our competition. Why? Our meat ratio is more Beef than Pork. Plus, we do not use any fillers, such as organ meat! Our Charcuterie Sausage is also preservative free. All we use is real ground beef, pork and seasoning. That’s it! Have you ever wondered why other types of summer sausage have a tangy flavor. It’s due to certain preservatives that add to the product shelf life.


Case Ready Meat

30 Day Fresh Packaging
We guarantee a 30 day display lifespan!

Our packaging is a huge innovation. It allows for 30 day freshness before even having to put it in the freezer. The meat will stay as fresh as it did the day it was packaged - now that’s amazing!


Increase Display Life by 30 Days!

Remove shrink as much as 50% by lowering the number of pulls and markdowns. Plus less spoiled meat!


Expand Your SKUs & Control Price Points

  • Offer premium cuts at value prices.
  • Profitably stock limited or seasonal cuts.
  • Eliminate lost profit opportunities.
  • Use less display & back room space.

Improve Overall Meat Safety

Remove back room contact, leaking and cross contamination with high-barrier airtight, hermetic seals.


Deliver Consumer Convenience!

  •  Freezer-ready with no added prep.
  • Stays fresh after purchasing 7x longer!
  • Eliminates messy leaks in shopping bags, refrigerators, counters and freezers.

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We distribute our products nationwide!